Meet Kenya’s DIY Queen, Muthoni Gitau

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Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are slowly becoming a way of life among a number of Kenyans. More and more people are taking charge of the creation process of some of the things that they use on a day to day basis such as hair and skincare products, furniture, and even home décor. Muthoni Gitau is one such Kenyan and she is carving her niche as a YouTube content creator for DIYs. She also wears many hats as she is also a blogger, photographer and poet among many other things.

We were recently honoured to have her share her story with us.

Tell us about yourself, who is Muthoni Gitau?

I am many things, I love to exist in the freedom of colour and creation. I use art to express myself. (Chuckles) I am a bold expressive human being.

Your love for DIYs is evident on your YouTube Channel, When did you start making DIYs?

I can say that I officially began DIY projects in January 2015 because that is when I became consistent. I have loved art since I was little, I loved painting. In the beginning, I did more DIYs on skincare than any other kind as such videos got more viewership. I later began doing more home décor DIYs in 2019 after reviewing my content creation strategy. My friends had advised me to appear more on my channel as viewers tend to get attracted to personalities. I also stopped overthinking my content and decided to go with the flow (pauses) and so far, so good (smiles).

Are there times when a DIY project’s outcome disappointed you? How did you handle that?

Yes, I have had quite a number of disappointments as I am still learning. For instance, I recently miscalculated when I was cutting wood for a bed that I was making. I also sometimes get burnt by the hot glue when using the hot glue gun. Normally when things don’t work out, I walk away from the project till I find a solution.

Do you do content creation full time? Does it pay?

Currently, I do content creation and home makeovers full time. A few months ago, I stopped working as a freelance social media marketer after a client failed to honour the stipulated payment agreement in the 8-month contract. My business is more of a start-up at the moment, so I am very lucky to have a supportive husband who helps around with the bills. Creating content pays but I hope the cash flow gets better with time.

Your woodwork is quite impressive. What did you study?

(Smiling) Thanks for the compliment. I have not gone for any carpentry or woodwork classes. I learnt most of it from watching videos online. I studied Mass Communication at JKUAT University. Currently, I want to take lessons on wielding so that I can perfect my knowledge of metalwork. I am not a fundi per se, I am an interior designer who wants to understand the technical aspects of design. At the moment, I am also taking Centonomy classes to make myself better at business and money management.

From your blog, I picked what you are an all-round creative; a writer, photographer, youtuber, poet, lifestyle and food blogger etc. As an all-round creative how do you balance your love for the different forms of art?

I struggle to balance, actually there is no balance. I have even tried to schedule time for each form of art but I still fail to follow through. Currently, I have an editor to help me with my YouTube videos so I can save time for other things.

Your husband radio host Nick Ndeda has made several appearances on your channel. How do you handle having a relationship out in the public?

Hahaha! Are we out in the public really? People do know that we are married but they really don’t know the relationship and I love it that way. On the channel, we discuss various topics such as house chores, mental health, and social etc. I think the most intimate thing we have revealed about our relationship is the fact that we don’t want to have kids.

Who is in your support system?

My husband Nick, my 4 cats, my mum and some of my friends.

What would you recommend as the ultimate starter pack for a DIY enthusiast?

Hammer, saw, screwdriver, measuring tape, power drill and paintbrush.

Where do you shop for your DIY projects’ equipment and material?

For the tools, I get them from Game Store, River Road shops, Shoprite and Naivas. As for the materials I get them from River Road Shops, Eastleigh, Gikomba and Tile & Carpet Centre.

What is your vision for your content creation?

I want to be on the same level as Mr Kate Studios. I want to be able to do makeovers for my subscribers without charging them a dime. I also want to have a team and make my content creation business.

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Parting Shot?

Color is life. Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness.

Images courtesy of Muthoni Gitau.


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