Meet Kenyan Female Pilot Who Spent 3.5 Million To Unveil Her Perfume Brand

Unlike celebrities, pilots are among the professionals who enjoy the privilege of privacy when it comes to their personal lives as well as other investments.

Even so, a number of pilots have become household names for their achievements in the aviation industry as well as founding brands that are not necessarily linked to their line of work.

In Kenya, professional pilot Geraldine Gitau is among the female icons who challenged herself to pursue her passion by unveiling her perfume brand after years of procrastinating.

According to Geraldine, her love for perfume and the fact that quality ones were not locally available is what pushed her to create her own. Being in a space that allowed her to travel the world contributed a great deal in making her dream possible.

“I have always loved perfume and I couldn’t find a quality perfume to buy locally. in October 2016, I decided to take the leap because I was determined to make a change before the year ended.” She told one of the local magazines in a previous interview

Although the process of creating her own scent was quite hectic, Geraldine was determined enough to walk through the process.

After conducting her research, she worked with a German-based company that helped her manufacture her products which incorporated ingredients that would easily capture the Kenyan market.

This investment cost her 3.5 Million from manufacturing to shipping it into the country.  Having been in the business for about 4 years now, her brand continues to grow as she earns a huge clientele.

One of the available scents on her perfume brand is whole by Geraldine which is a fragrance that celebrates the modern and independent women.

With the aviation industry being one of the affected amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Geraldine is still able to make sales through her perfume business.

The pilot who flies B737 serves as an inspiration to many women who desire to pursue their passion and thrive in spaces beyond their usual line of work.

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