Meet Fast Rising RnB and Hip Hop Sensation – Donado Stone

The music scene in Kenya is bursting with talent. Fast-rising singer, rapper song writer Donado Stone is one artist to watch out for. He was partly raised in Jos, Nigeria before moving to Kenya with his mother. Born to a Kenyan mother and Nigerian Father, his cultural diversity enables him to share his unique experiences through music.

The Love Me Singer is a multi-genre artist who largely makes RnB, Pop, Hip Hop, and Rap music. However, Donado’s music is not restricted to any genre as he plans to venture into other genres. He draws his inspiration from various icons such as RnB stars like Brandy and Aaliyah, Hip Hop artists like Eve and Drake, Reggae singers like Tarrus Riley, and Afro-Beat stars like Burna Boy and Wizkid just to mention a few.  

Currently, he has released 3 tracks so far namely, Love Me, Sunday Morning and IGotU. Donado’s vocal and songwriting talents shine in all his songs. Additionally, the audio production of each of his songs is top-notch and ooze creativity and quality.

His latest release IGotU, in which he has featured rapper Kiburu is off his upcoming mixtape. It was produced by Autum Kray and has elements of RnB, Hip Hop, and Pop. IGotU is about a man who fearlessly discloses his love for his lover reassuring her that he is the best she can get. In this song, Donado is so desperate for his lover’s affection, that he even confesses being OK with being a side guy and fighting other men for his lover.

Donado’s incredible talent is proof of why he deserves a slot in your playlist. You can stream his music here.

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