‘MDQ Upgraded’ Album Review


Muthoni The Drummer Queen has been working on this album since 2013 with most of it recorded in Switzerland. It’s a well put together album with interesting and diverse collaborations from rap superstar Wycleff Jean, Navio, Keko, Kagwe Mungai and Khuli Chana. The production is nothing less than superb.

“MDQ Upgraded” has a nice mix between boisterous Hip-Hop tracks like “Hail the Queen,” and sensitive raw tracks like “Get up” where she shares some of her vulnerabilities:

I know I want to teach the word, I know I want to heal the world but when I look at what I break, all the sorrow that I make, all the mess and the mistake, all the people I forsake, how I sleep when I’m awake, and my head begin to ache, and I shiver and I shake, and I feel like such a fake Lord!

On the track “This One” Muthoni proves that not only is she a great lyricist but an amazing vocalist as well , she croons through the entire song beautifully.

A familiar track in the album is “Nai ni ya who?” released two years ago. On the album is the remix featuring Wycleff Jean and Navio. Both rappers bring a really good flow to the song and they blend in very well together.

You can purchase Muthoni’s album at muthonimusic.com and iTunes.

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