MDQ Talks to KV About New Single ‘Kama Kawaida’

Muthoni The Drummer Queen, Kagwe Mungai, Mayonde, Fena Gitu and Blinky Bill have been friends for quite a while but it was only until towards the end of last year that we saw MDQ team up with Blinky Bill and Mayonde on Feelin It, a feel good song that was produced by Blinky Bill and mix and mastered by Eric Musyoka.

Well, if you think the streak of good music and collaborative efforts is done, think again because MDQ has teamed up with Mayonde yet again, this time tagging along producer and musician Kagwe Mungai and the “phenomenal woman”, Fena. The track is called ‘Kama Kawaida’, produced by Kagwe, mixed and mastered by Atwal. The track is all about killing it and it being the norm. That’s to say, plainly, doing something extraordinary isn’t special to me. This is what I do on the daily. Something like that.

Well I caught up with MDQ to find out why she’s finally decided to work with her friends and why 2017 is the perfect year for that. Does she see herself working with new talent this year and are Kenyans finally going to appreciate her? Find out via our QnA below!

RUBY: What makes this track different from any other you’ve recorded?

MDQ: It’s a great collaborative energy. The mix of all the personalities makes this track super interesting. There is a lot of mutual love and admiration for one another

You’ve been friends with the artists you’ve featured on the track for quite a while, why do you think this was the perfect song for them to hop on?
And why in 2017?

In 2017 the basic approach is the fans are the artists and the artists are the fans. So only working with people I truly Stan on. And who Stan right back. Because the chemistry must be pure. Because it’s love that we are putting into the tracks this year. Only love.

The track ‘Kama Kawaida’ isn’t what you expect as ‘Kenyan’ music. Neither is the way we have used the languages English and Kiswahili. It’s like finally, we are not going to hide or compromise or dumb down anything. This is who we are. We are global. And dopeness is the motto. As collaborators, we stared with ‘Feelin it’ (Mayonde/Blinky/MDQ) and now ‘Kama Kawaida’. The bottom line of the crew is LOVE. DOPENESS. GLOBAL That’s why these artists and why 2017.

The track was engineered by Atwal who is a relatively new producer, how did you come to know of him and how did you make that connection?

Atwal is good friends with Kagwe and Fena. We really enjoyed working with him on the mix and master. Certainly looking to keep that relationship.

Since you’ve already started off with working with new talent (Atwal), are you looking into collaborating with other upcoming acts this year?

Yes. I’m standing on Sichangi, Mr Lu, Odinareh Bingwa, Raj, Kwa Hii Masaa, ShuKid. These are my top priorities for 2017 collabos .

What collaborations do we not see coming from MDQ but is coming?

I’m seeing some femcees from SA. I’m excited.

Usually most, if not all your production is handled in Sweden. Are you going to have your music locally produced this year?

Switzerland. That’s still ongoing. In fact, we have a massive album coming out April 2017 and the visual album shortly after. That’s my primary project. Alongside my project with Kagwe/Fena/Mayonde/Blinky.

Then I wanna fux major with the artists I’ve just listed so we have to see how. But yes, a lot of Kenyan production alongside the Swiss one

Will you be experimenting with different sounds/beats or do you see yourself sticking to a specific genre?
I’m loco this year! Everything is happening. Singing and rapping a lot

Finally, do you feel that 2017 is the year Kenyans appreciate you and your music for what it is?

Yes. This year I’m Drake.

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