Muthoni DQ Expounds on Her PSA, MINE

Muthoni The Drummer Queen has been on a roll lately. After wrapping up 2016 with “Feeling It” (Blinky Bill, Mayonde and MDQ), she dropped Kama Kawaida (with Fena, Kagwe Mungai and Mayonde) yet the list of tracks doesn’t end there. She has dropped a one minute clip of stunning visuals dubbed “MINE”. What is MINE? Why is it only one minute? Read on to find out!

Well MINE is a public service announcement from MDQ who has been in Switzerland working hard on her new project. She’s done recording it so everybody needs to get ready for what she has in store! The timing of the song was very well thought out. “When you announce something, it’s sharp, short and to the point,” says The Drummer Queen. She adds that MINE is not the trailer to her album neither is it the first single and there definitely won’t be more of that on the album. She however, declined to give a name or a release date.

If you can’t really hear what MDQ says on MINE, perhaps that’s because that is how it was meant to be? The initial draft and name of the song was Listen. Carefully. You. Beautiful. Soul. “It would seem I was right in my original thought. You can’t hear? Listen. Carefully. You. Beautiful. Soul.” Says the Queen.

MINE was shot in Lac de Joux, Switzerland, the largest frozen lake in Western Europe this winter. Muthoni had no intention of using it as symbolism for MINE. She only saw incredible scenery because she had never seen a frozen lake before. When asked about whom she views as her competition and what level she is trying to compete at, MDQ stated that her life is currently only about collaboration and competition is not her motivation. If you must know what level she sees herself at, just think of Serena Williams.

In our previous interview, Muthoni The Drummer Queen mentioned that she wants to be Drake this year so I sought clarification assuming that she said this in reference to a tour(s). Drummer Mama says, “I want to be me as Drake. If I was Drake this year, what would that mean? What would be my experience? What would I create?”

Completely at peace and ready to conquer, MDQ is assured that the world has been ready for her and this time? She’s ready for the world too!

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