MC Fullstop Still Alive, Reacts To Misleading Reports

Reggae DJ MC Fullstop is still alive and kicking and has urged Kenyans to ignore fake news reports that he succumbed to Tuberculosis.

The DJ, who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis in March that caused his left lung to collapse and has been hospitalized since then, expressed his frustration on Instagram regarding the fake news report circulating on social media.

The report shared on Twitter claimed the entertainer died in Agah Hospital in Nairobi. Reacting to the post, the DJ said that the post has ruined his life and he’s currently working on getting the user banned.

“Kenyans just killed me! Hivyo tu! This fake news has affected me, my family and friends,” he said on Instagram.

“Where can I report the first account sio ya Citizen ni parody? The guy has done a lot of damage in my life especially what I am going through right now!”

The fake news had caused widespread panic amongst his family and friends, which led MC Fullstop to take to Twitter to express his grievances.

Since early March after being diagnosed with Tuberculosis, Fullstop has been living with one lung, something that has barred him from performing his daily activities.

Despite undergoing treatment, his condition worsened in 2022 when he was diagnosed with TB affecting his throat, which has further impacted his health.

The reggae MC expressed his gratitude to his fans and supporters who have been with him throughout his health struggles. He hinted that he may be retiring from his career as an MC, given the challenges he now faces due to his illness.

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