Mbithi Masya’s Award-winning Film ‘Kati Kati’ Now Streaming In Kenya

Kaleche, played by Nyokabi Gethaiga, wakes up under a scorching sun in a seemingly deserted Savannah plains. She has no recollection of where she is. In the quest of finding her bearing, she walks into a group of people living in a lodge, Kati Kati. She develops an intense chemistry with Thoma (Elsaphan Njora), the head of the community. The plot focuses on her coming to terms with her death, the amnesia of her previous life and getting a grip on her new surroundings as well as the people around her.

The film explores the concept of life after death. The writer, Mbithi Masya, was inspired to make the film by the death of a close friend. His imagination tries to filter the scenario in purgatory, a half way place between heaven or hell, and the events that might occur.

Kati Kati is the debut film for the Just a Band member, who is on hiatus from music and on a journey of self-discovery. The film has been featured in several film festival globally and won several awards, such as The Prize of the International Film Critics for the Discovery Program (FIPRESCI) at the Toronto Film Festival and the best East African movie 2017 at the Movie Viewers Choice Awards.

Check out the trailer: