Mbithi Masya and LBx Africa to Rep Kenya at Toronto Film Festival

Kenyan film director Mbithi Masya will debut his 15-minute short film by LBx Africa called Baba at the 47th annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) scheduled to take place from September 8 to 18, 2022.  TIFF is a charitable cultural organization with a mission to transform the way people see the world, through film. TIFF festival is a widely attended event that feature a host of film screenings, workshops, panel discussions, galleries and more.

Mbithi Masya wears several hats as an artist, he has directed ads for some of Kenya’s top companies, is a member of Kenya’s fave group Just A Band and a filmaker whose previous work such as KATI KATI produced by award-winning German director Tom Tykwer, One Fine Day Films and Ginger Ink Productions has won several international awards.

BABA is based in the outskirts of Nairobi and is about a six-year-old boy with the unique ability to teleport but struggles to understand his world and the people around him. “Buoyed by childish optimism and extraordinary imagination, he bounces between his harsh reality and the peaceful solitude that his ability affords him, as he learns to protect his innocence.”

LBx Africa co-founder also shared that Free Money; a five-year-in-the-making feature documentary he worked on alongside Lauren DeFilippo, and @shortfilmBABA will also be having their world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival @TIFF_NET !

Congratulations to LBx Africa team and Mbithi.

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