Maza, Swahili Telenovela Premieres On Maisha Magic East

A Kenyan based Swahili telenovela named Maza premiered on Maisha Magic East on 21st August 2017 as part of their commitment to encouraging the production of locally based programs. The pull of South Amerian telenovelas on prime time on Kenyan Tv must have inspired this idea as it promises to bear all the hallmarks of an epic Telenovela, the drama, scandal, heartbreak, twists, and turns are all promised in Maza.

Maza is a derogatory term for ‘Mama’ among the Swahili people. The setting is in the coastal region of Kenya. The show’s lead actor goes by the name Dingo. In a flashback, his wife disappears mysteriously without a trace. Life has to move on. for him and his two children. Ten years later, the court declares his wife Lea, legally dead, despite no evidence of a physical body. However, in typical telenovela fashion, one of Lea’s cousin sister suspects malice in the supposed death.

Dingo moves on with Lea’s best friend who has conspired with a lawyer to strip her dead friend’s husband of his wealth through the use of black magic. It is interesting to note that the show toys with the age old assumptions that in the coastal areas of Kenya, the cat is an agent of wickedness. Once Kate arrives at Dingo’s house, she begins her witchcraft, bringing a whole new level of drama to the show.

Lulu Hassan takes up the role of producer for the show.