Mayonde Makes Musical Comeback

Kenyan songstress and lyricist Diana Mayonde Nduba has just announced her highly anticipated return to the music scene following a prolonged absence.

In a candid interview, the multifaceted artist revealed details of her personal journey, particularly her experience as a new mother, which took her by surprise.

Reflecting on her recent performance at the Blankets and Wines event, Mayonde described the moment as surreal, marking her triumphant comeback to the stage.

It felt really good, there’s a moment when I sang my song Nairobi, and the audience just sang it right back and it was such a beautiful moment. I’m still reeling from it. I think I’ll be thinking about it the whole week. So, I’m back to being on stage… It feels like a message from God to me,” she said in the interview.

She shared insights into her hiatus, disclosing her involvement in the Perform Music Incubator program spearheaded by Muthoni Drummer Queen. This initiative served as a vital platform for Mayonde to delve into the intricacies of the music business, addressing the challenges she faced as an artist striving for financial sustainability.

Amidst her musical endeavors, Mayonde embarked on the transformative journey of motherhood, welcoming her son into the world last year.

Overflowing with adoration for her child, she emphasized the profound spiritual awakening and sense of surrender that parenthood has bestowed upon her. Despite the indescribable joy, Mayonde didn’t shy away from acknowledging the daunting nature of labor, revealing it as a humbling and intense experience.

“Omg It is amazing! I am so in love with my son. He is so beautiful and so bright. It is a miracle. It really is. Bringing life to this earth is a miracle. You really have to learn how to surrender because you are not in control of anything,” she said.

“I have actually been in school! I was part of a program called Perform Music Incubator that was founded by Muthoni Drummer Queen.

“It is like a business music school, and I have been in it for like 2 years just learning about the business side because I was very frustrated as an artist putting out art but not getting much in return. You’re putting money into the craft, but it is not coming back.”

Looking ahead, Mayonde’s fans can anticipate her signature blend of soulful melodies and introspective lyrics, reminiscent of her chart-topping hits like “Kama Kawaida,” featuring renowned artists such as Kagwe Mungai, Blinky Bill, Fena Gitu, and Muthoni the Drama Queen (MDQ). With tracks like “Isikuti Love,” “Nairobi,” and “Rise” already etched into the musical landscape, Mayonde’s return promises to be nothing short of captivating.

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