Maya Amolo’s Latest Song Is Full of Vibes – and Will Resonate With Many

Maya Amolo is a Kenyan, New York-based R&B/alternative singer/songwriter. Her sound has been described as refreshingly unique by industry experts. The talented vocalist loves to write and sing about the complexities of love (of both the self and the other), dissecting its duality as something both beautiful and ugly, healing and hurtful.

To start her music career she collaborated with producers on “sad-gal” tunes on SoundCloud, including “U Wanna” and “Where Tornados Flew” as well as Lo-Fi voicemail with “North Star (part 1&2)” and “Rainy Daze”.
Her stuff was pretty good and she quickly got a dedicated listenership and attention from local artists, producers and musicians like Karun, who featured Maya on her, “Favourite 5 Underground Female Kenyans Artists” article for Bonafide Magazine, where she describes Maya as “a free-flowing human being transcending space and time.”
In March Maya released “I Know“, and this May she has another single – “Jokes”.
“In her new single “I Know”, Maya merges her raspy vocals and soft melodies with a hard bass to talk about being jaded at the end of a relationship and recognizing your self-worth, but also the difficulty of removing
oneself from a place that was previously considered home.”  Camille & Co
We can’t decide which song we love more as they are both so powerful. Listen to jokes below:

 “I wrote this song coming out of a place of frustration and finally getting to a place where I could brush off the whole thing. I wrote it about situations where the person you’re with is being dishonest or just doing some sneak shit on the low and it’s coming up really clearly, and you’re unable to ignore it but also don’t have the energy to deal with it because it’s like… “wtf”.”
We feel you girl. Both these songs are full of some deep, true and relatable messages and vibes.
Keep up with Maya on Instagram: @papayamayaaaa and Twitter: @maya_amolo.

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