Maya Amolo Wows With “I Know” Visuals

The last time KV featured any news about Maya Amolo’s latest fire moves we fittingy described her as “fast-rising”.

It’s her effortless and soulful approach to music for me, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. The NY based musician also photographs beautifully and is a joy to watch in her music videos.

It only makes sense for her deep lyrics and mellow beats to be accompanied by captivating storytelling and visuals. The “I Know” video is indeed “luscious” and watching it warmed my heart.

 “When I first heard the song “I Know” I immediately saw Diana Ross in the ’70s looking fabulous. Retro fashion with its effortless glamour for a song about a person that stays but wants to leave. Whether they are in an abandoned building or a bath of roses, glamorous or simple, they are unhappy and want to leave. We all know them, the ones who stay and hope for change and we know the ones who walk away, I wanted to capture both.”   explains creative director Mumbi Muturi, Maya’s mother. 

Maya Amolo’s Latest Song Is Full of Vibes – and Will Resonate With Many

Images and additional text: Camille and Co 



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