Maya Amolo Named The Face of Spotify’s Inaugural ‘Fresh Finds Africa’

Kenyan singer Maya Amolo is the first-ever ever face of Spotify’s Fresh Finds Africa program. Fresh Finds Africa is curated to spotlight and develop emerging independent artists from across the continent.

Maya Amolo

Maya Amolo is an alternative R&B artist from Nairobi. The sultry-voiced singer started off on SoundCloud, collaborating with internet producers. Through these collaborations, she created sad boi tunes such as U Wanna and Where Tornados Flew.

Consequently, Maya Amolo’s sugary vocals quickly earned her a dedicated fan base and the attention of local producers and musicians. Since then, her listenership has continued to grow, making her the perfect starter for this inaugural Spotify project.

May Amolo on Fresh Finds Africa

In addition to being on the playlist with other upcoming African artists, Maya Amolo gets a one-on-one workshop on the best practices for using Spotify. This opportunity also includes training on in-app and social support to help her grow her career.

Maya Amolo

Maya Amolo’s 2020 debut album, Leave Me at the Pregame, is a melodious journey of self-acceptance and healing. In it are songs such as Puddles, Lush Green, Grwth, and Jokes just to mention a few.

Since her debut album, Maya Amolo has gone on to establish herself as one to watch. Maya Amolo has coverage from NPR, The Native Mag, Okay Africa, and TANGAZA Magazine. She is releasing the first single from her forthcoming project on March 31st, 2022.

“I am honored to be chosen as the first artist to launch Fresh Finds in Africa. This is a much-needed platform for upcoming artists and I am excited for the growth that will come as a result of this, says Maya.

Fresh Finds Africa is a monthly program on which a new artist will be selected every month by the Spotify music team. It forms part of Spotify’s continued commitment to support the African music industry, through initiatives such as EQUAL and Radar.

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