Is Martial Arts Nairobi’s Hottest New Fitness Trend?

I opened the door to the free workout room at my gym – Savannah Fitness Exchange in Hurlingham – earlier this week, then hurriedly shut it: a pretty intense one on one combat session was taking place inside – a situation that seems replicated at a growing number of top gyms across the city.

Martial Arts has always figured in Nairobi’s fitness environment, but I’ve always viewed as a more niche option. For a while, aerobic classes were the standard – until the average person realized that strength training is absolutely necessary for peak fitness. Then machine based training was the norm – but people’s needs, and ultimately the trend evolved again.

Yes, we are more aware of the need to stay healthy and strong, but not everyone takes to free weights or cardio trainers or calisthenics in the same way. So how do gyms begin to cater for this group? By introducing more adventurous or perhaps even more skilled and specialized classes that offer just as heavy (if not more) a compound workout.

Martial Arts Training is billed as a program that not only conditions the body, but educates the mind and helps with centering and balance. Agility, muscular toning and development are just some of the benefits. For women especially, and anyone who feels physically vulnerable, martial arts serves as a great way to improve on self defense skills.

And it’s not one size fits all: From Boxing to Capoira to Karate, Kick boxing and Muay Thai (offered at The Colloseum along Ngong Road).

Savannah Fitness Exchange offers a Mixed Martial Arts programs for any level – whether you are a beginner or advanced. Visit their Facebook Page for more details on how you can get started. I’ve only just started a fitness program but I’m looking to inject a little more variety in my work outs – who knows. I could qualify for a part in a Kung Fu flick soon. Or not.

Savannah Fitness Exchange is based on the 7th Floor of Kose Heights (HFC Building) Argwings Khodhek Rd

Visit the website: Savannah Fitness Exchange

Image: Mashufaa

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