Mark Masai Ventures Into Podcasting After NTV Exit

A week after exiting from NTV, Mark Maasai has announced venturing into Podcasting.

Sharing his next move, Mark Masai shared on Twitter

“Ladies & Gentlemen: Here’s to us!

To the new way of doing things. To finding meaning in what we experience. To finding stories that matter to us.” He wrote.

Masai Introduced the podcast set to premiere later this week.

The Social Newsroom Podcast.

In the first The Social Newsroom podcast advert, the Masai gives a sneak peek at the podcast, giving a sense the podcasting will provide commentary on what’s the way forward from NEWS.

“It’s always been about the who, what, where, when, why and how.

But in the times we live in, there’s a big so what.” He says.

SemaBox Africa

Mark Masai has partnered with SemaBox Africa to bring The Social Newsroom podcast.

SemaBox Africa is a podcasting incubator providing a plug and play facility to podcasters.