Marathon Record Holder Kelvin Kiptum Inducted Into Talanta Hall of Fame

Marathon World record holder the late Kelvin Kiptum has been inducted into the Talanta Hall of Fame.

Kiptum who was tragically killed in a road accident in February received the honor at Talanta Plaza, Nairobi as sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba presided over the ceremony.

Kelvin Kiptum becomes the first Athlete to be formally inducted into Talanta Hall of Fame

Speaking at the event, the Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Creative Economy and Sports Ababu Namwamba said it is a proud and sad moment celebrating the induction of a promising athlete who departed this world in his prime.

“I led the unveiling ceremony to celebrate one of Kenya’s greatest marathon runners and the current world record holder,

This is special because it is the very first formal induction, and Kelvin becomes the first of our legends to be formally inducted in this Hall of Fame and stands here as a permanent heritage to this incredible contribution.” Said Ababu, adding …

“This is a proud and sad moment as we celebrate the induction of a promising athlete who departed this world in his prime.

We celebrated Kiptum in life and we will continue to celebrate him in death.”

Present at the induction ceremony was Kiptum’s son, Caleb Kigen. 

Ababu said the Talanta Hall of Fame celebrates excellence in the creativity realm,

“The Talanta Hall of Fame is a prestigious platform celebrating excellence in the realm of creativity, sports, and innovation.”

The Hall of Fame boasts legends in sports and the creative scene including author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, football legend; Joe Kadenge and, Paul Tergat among others.