Mango Launches Second Chances Initiative In Kenya

As more and more light is being shed on the environmental and labour consequences within the fashion industry, both consumers and brands are trying to do better!

Kenyans within the middle to upper-middle-class income can afford to splurge often on clothes from various sources. As soon as you are a young adult earning your own money, a considerable amount may go to buying the latest outfits.

Mango’s  Second Chances initiative that started on the 27th January and ends on 16th February 2020 is giving you a chance to trade in an ANY old pair of denim jeans and then receive 20% off the purchase of a new pair on the same day. 

Some malls do have donation points to drop off garments you no longer use and it’s great to see Mango giving us another option. All denim collected will be upcycled or donated to organizations supporting youth empowerment through skills training programmes building careers in tailoring.

Mango’s Committed collection has been around since 2017; carrying a selection of environmentally-committed designs. Today, more than half of the latest denim styles feature sustainable characteristics.

The brand has also worked with experts on two other denim initiatives in the latest collection that ensure they are using less water and cotton grown in better conditions (Better Cotton Initiative).

The Committed collection has also been created with BCI certified cotton and new technologies and sustainable fibres. By using environmentally-friendly fibres, we can reduce the impact on the Planet.

“Durability and quality equal sustainability, when it comes to apparel.  With this offer, we are excited to give customers an incentive to upgrade to a new pair of Mango jeans.  In doing so, you’ll not only look great, but you’ll be supporting the growth of the next generation of tailors.”

CJ Bak, Director of Spanish Fashion, the local franchisee of Mango.

The trade-in offer is valid at Mango on the first floor of Westgate Shopping Mall.  Jeans for women start at 2,990/.

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