Mammito Becomes The Most Followed Female Comedienne In Africa

Comedienne and Actress Mammito Eunice is now the most followed female comedian in Africa after reaching 1 Million followers on Instagram.

According to the stand-up comedian, this milestone serves as an inspiration to other young girls and even women who wish and work towards making an impact on the continent. In an encouragement note, Mammito hints that her achievement is indeed an assurance that anyone else can meet their goals.

In regard to this unexpected yet deserving accomplishment, Mammito thanked her fans for supporting her as she expressed the disbelief of her transition from an ordinary ghetto girl to building a reputable brand.

“Special thanks to everyone for being part of this journey. Who would have thought that on this day a girl born and raised in Kibera Kenya would be the most followed female stand up comedian in Africa? Not even me.” she wrote

Currently toping on the list, Mammito beats famous comedians like Emmanuela[ Nigeria] and Anne Kansime [Ugandan] who have 474K Aand 570K followers respectively.

Her interest in comedy began during her school days and it is in campus where she knew she wanted to be a stand-up comedian. Mammito became popular after several performances on Churchill show and her talent has earned her the numbers.

Following this big win, Mammito encouraged people to support each other acknowledging that this move would be impossible without her fans.

“GREATNESS is a language that anyone can learn and at the end we can all speak GREATNESS.Let us keep moving and support each other, when one player scores the whole team wins” she stated

In Kenya, the most followed female comedienne after her is Teacher Wanjiku who has 895K followers on Instagram.

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