Mama’s House Unveils Artist Residency Program

Mama’s House recently hosted a Mama’s House Party live press conference to reveal their project ‘Mama’s house residency program’.

The event that went down at the Alchemist saw founders of Mama Rocks, sisters Natalie and Samantha Mwedekeli, as well as Tracy Bunyanzi reveal more details on the artist residency program, as well as their partners who are making the initiative possible.

Mama’s House Artist Residency

Mama’s House Artist Residency is a program developed to help support emerging Kenyan musicians.

Speaking about the residency program the organization’s co-founder Natalie said there’s limitless talent in Kenya, however packaging is where the challenge is.

“We help package them as a brand and present them to the world.” Said Natalie.


Mama’s House Partners with Boomplay, KO and Ashleys To Nature Upcoming Kenyan Artists

In a panel discussion, Mama’s House revealed the partners making the program possible, from music streaming platform boomplay, to Ashley’s Couiffure & Spa.

Radio 254 who exclusively plays Kenyan music and Kenyan beer brand KO are also partners in the program.

The program which has been ongoing since December of 2022 has seen artists who have been onboarded including Zeman get an opportunity for their videos to be directed and shot courtesy of Mama’s House.

Artists on the program also get a makeover by Ashleys who are looking to expand their market to a younger market.

Artists get an opportunity to perform in two different venues courtesy of Mama’s House.

And the ultimate upside of the residency program is the upcoming Mama’s House party live, which will be headlined by the program’s mentee Zeman, with artists including Brandy Maina performing as well.