Mama Olive: Content Creation Is A Full-Time Job, Shouldn’t Be Mocked

In an era where the younger generation is moving to the internet for job creation, some people still believe it’s not a ‘real’ job.

Tatiana Karanja, a renowned digital content creator and award-winning photographer, popularly known as Mama Olive, has urged people to dispel the misconception that content creation is not a legitimate profession.

In a detailed Instagram post, Mama Olive shared valuable insights aimed at enlightening individuals and altering prevailing attitudes.

“There is so much hate out there for influencers, with many people making fun of the fact that, even during hard times, we are endorsing and promoting brands,” she said in a long post on social media.

As a mother of three, Mama Olive respectfully emphasized that content creation is indeed a genuine and demanding occupation, equivalent to a traditional 9-to-5 job. Content creators are required to consistently produce content as per contractual agreements, just like any other job.

“It’s as if they fail to recognize that this is our primary source of income, our livelihood, and the means by which we provide for our families. For me, as a single mother raising three children, it is often my sole source of income, depending on my photography work. This is my full-time profession.”

She further questioned those in traditional 9-5 employment, asking if they would halt their work or personal commitments when global issues arise, just as they may expect content creators to do.

Tatiana expressed her disappointment at the constant criticism and belittlement directed toward influencers.

She pointed out that their unconventional career path is still a legitimate means of earning a living. She stated, “Just because my work is visible to the public, shared on my social media stories, doesn’t diminish its status as a genuine job.

“I have the responsibility to support my three children, meet their basic needs, and ensure their education. I also have two employees who rely on me to support their families. People should cease disparaging influencers for merely performing their actual duties.”

Mama Olive concluded by acknowledging the challenges of remaining active on social media when global issues are unfolding.

She advocated for recognizing the influence that every social media user possesses, irrespective of their follower count. She encouraged everyone to utilize their influence, no matter how large or small, for positive change.

“I’ll be the first to admit that it’s challenging to navigate the world’s issues while being so publicly present on social media. It can feel like our efforts are falling on deaf ears or even seem tone-deaf. But at the end of the day, this is how I make a living and support my family. It’s not something to be ridiculed or dismissed.

“Additionally, every single person who has a social media account has influence, regardless of the number of followers they have. It’s important to recognize that influence extends beyond just those with large followings.

“Each individual has the power to make a difference, whether they have one follower or five million. Let’s shift the narrative from criticizing influencers to encouraging everyone to use their influence, no matter how big or small.

“No matter our differing perspectives, let’s remember that we are all working hard to provide for our families and deserve support rather than ridicule.🙏🏾,” she said.

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