Mama Kayai Drops Words Of Wisdom Other Actors Should Live By

Renown Vitimbi actress Mama Kayai has come out to instil in fellow thespians the tricks of the trade that they should adhere to in order to make it in showbiz.

During an interview with a local media house, the veteran actress advised actors to reduce the amount of partying they do, and instead invest their money.

”Whenever you get money, you must invest or do something with it to improve your lives because we all know saving can be quite challenging. Young artists should put their monies in some projects and not just use the same to party,” Mama Kayai said.

Kenyan Awards Are Worthless, Mama Kayai

She in turn addressed the issue of artists who come begging Kenyans for money after the end of their shows. This is something that has been common in the entertainment industry, with the test being witnessed from Tahidi High’s Omosh who got millions ad a house from it.

“The best thing to do when you get the opportunity is to plan and strategise. Your life will be messed up if you don’t organise yourself. You need to be on point and save and do projects so that you don’t become like those artists who come out to beg Kenyans and ask for financial help,” Mama Kayai added.

Her words are practical in today’s world, and she has seen first-hand how financial literacy and management is important in her industry.

Her all-time co-star the late Mzee Ojwang is said to have died in abject poverty despite being the best actor in his day.

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