Malindi’s Billionaire Resort Crowned Best Hotel In Africa

Billionaire Resort and Retreat, located in Malindi, has been honored with the prestigious title of Best Boutique Resort in Africa for the year 2023 at the World Travel Awards (WTA) ceremony held at Dubai’s iconic Atlantis Royal Resort.

This recognition marks the second consecutive year that the Billionaire Resort, featuring 24 luxury apartments, and the opulent Lion in the Sun, a Billionaire Retreat boasting 16 exquisite rooms, have secured this esteemed award.

Owned by global entrepreneur Flavio Briatore, the property is under the management of Babylon Hospitality, which has recently expanded its operations with the establishment of a Nairobi office and team.

The Billionaire Resort’s recent transformation is part of the ongoing efforts to enhance the coastal region of Kilifi, known as the Kenyan Riviera, through a public-private initiative.

During a media briefing on Thursday, Ermmano Cima, the General Manager of Billionaire Resort, highlighted that local tourists constitute a significant portion of the hotel’s clientele, with a notable 30% growth in 2023 alone.

Cima expressed the hotel’s intention to tap into the corporate market, noting a surge in bookings from this sector. He emphasized the increasing travel trend among Kenyans, particularly at the local level, with a rising number of East African tourists, including those from Uganda, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa.

Despite the positive developments, Cima raised concerns about flight delays to Malindi and urged collaborative efforts among industry players to foster tourism growth in the county.

To commemorate the award, Billionaire Resort has launched a month-long celebration campaign, extending gratitude to the Kenyan travel trade market that has embraced and supported the resort since its public opening in late 2021.

The campaign includes various perks, value-adds, and discounts, such as upgrades and complimentary airport transfers.

This celebration coincides with the recent success of the One Life Rally, which selected Billionaire Resort in Malindi as the venue for its closing party in 2023.

While the secluded Lion in the Sun, a Billionaire Retreat, is renowned for its world-class spa and wellness program, Billionaire Resort offers a breathtaking beach with views of the Marine Park.

The beach has undergone recent enhancements with the addition of new Gazebos and sunbeds, hosting the popular Sunday Brunch, a must-visit for guests from Malindi, Watamu, and Kilifi.

Guests at Billionaire Resort & Retreat can partake in various activities, including Dhow rides and visits to Marafa, making it an ideal base to explore or rediscover the beauty of Malindi and the entire Kilifi region.

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