Makeup Guru Stephanie Cherono Shares the Secret To the Perfect Cut Crease

The new trend in the makeup scene globally is the cut crease that when done well can transform a whole look.

Unfortunately, just as the name suggests, it is no easy task to get it done. It is one of the most complex looks to pull off. For starters, not only do you need eye shadow to pull it off, but the application of highlighter which can get overwhelming to work with on the small eyelid space.

Makeup guru Stephanie Cherono shared a simpler way to do your cut crease. Don’t get me wrong, simpler does not mean less product used. The technique is different from most tutorials and easier to grasp for anyone even if you’re not a pro at makeup.

The trick is to curve the dark part of your crease with an eye pencil. Sounds insane right? But it gives a better definition of the borders unlike using a brush and black eyeshadow.

The results look more pronounced as well. Her final product will convince you to include a cut crease in your weekend look. Her technique can only be rivaled by @msmercc who is also a beast in the makeup game.

Check out her video here:

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