Makeup Artist Nzilani Introduces New Brand

In the beauty world, brands developed and owned by makeup artists come highly recommended.

Kenya has a number of incredibly talented artists who are coming up with their own brands.

It’s no secret that for decades, the African woman has not been the top consumer for makeup products; this meant that most products did not serve us fully. Although there are more brands to pick from now; having Kenyans in the game means much more is taken into consideration including factors such as weather seasons which affect makeup formulations.

Recently, Nzilani announced her eyeshadow brand Enkay Cosmetics; “Look at God!!!! What a wow!!! Wauuuuuuuuuu!!! Isn’t He good!!!!!!!! Awesomeness LOADING!!!!! Guys show me some love on my new baby @enkay.cosmetics by following the page!!!! Thank youuuuuu❤️.”

She proudly introduced the eyeshadow fabulosity which is going to be 20 pigmented, vibrant, rich in texture palette.

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