Maina Kageni Announces 2022 Retirement Plans

Renown media personality Maina Kageni has shocked fans after announcing that he is planning to retire from his illustrious radio career next year.

Talking during his Classic 105 morning show with co-host Mwalimu Churchill, aka, King’ang’i, Kageni expressed his excitement at living out his retired days in Miami.

“Come next year I am done. I will be retiring from this radio job; I plan on running a club in Miami. I will be living in my condo. I bought it kitambo. I thought we talked about this and both of us after retiring?” asked Maina.

I lied about my salary, says Kageni

King’ang’i sounded taken aback by the question and revealed he has not prepared himself adequately.

“Let me ask you Maina, you mean I am not included anywhere in your plans? I know we talked about it but mimi sikuifikiria sana. I wish I just decided to venture into vying for an MCA seat maybe I would have,” he said.

Maina Kageni is one of Kenya’s most successful and distinguished radio presenters, having amassed so much wealth and many fans during his career. Before joining Radio Africa, Kageni worked at Nation FM and initially got started at Capital fm.

“I got on the radio by pure fluke. DJ Pinye and I had brought over some deejays from the United Kingdom and we went to Capital FM to book airtime to advertise the gig. We were then asked for sh40, 000 for the voiceover. We did not have any more cash so I offered to do it. John Wilkins liked it and offered me a job! Basically, if I had that money on me, I would not be on radio.” he revealed.

A voice, not an echo