Made for Kenya: Six Months Later, What are Kenyans Listening to on Spotify

Streaming apps like Spotify are changing the music game in more ways than one.

One valuable way is the immediate feedback artists get about the music they are releasing.

During a Spotify virtual event held yesterday, “Made for Kenya, 6 Months later what are Kenyans listening to on Spotify”, Gengetone seems to have us by a chokehold but so does international music from the mainstream artists such as Drake.

The event included a conversation hosted by Kartelo with Willis Raburu, Ssaru, talent manager Benjamin Otwal and Spotify’s partnership manager Monica Kemoli-Savanne discussing the Gengetone genre’s growth and future.

With fans from Nairobi to Eldoret and Mombasa to Nakuru streaming music via Spotify here are some of the statistics:

  • Niko Sawa is the top streamed song by Kenyans on Spotify
  • Sauti Sol is the top streamed Kenyan music group by Kenyans
  • Gengetone in the top 10 most streamed playlist by Kenyans

“Spotify has always celebrated Africa’s abundance of talent and diversity. Now with Spotify’s presence across Africa, we will continue to use the power of the platform to amplify African creators to a global audience. What we are seeing come out of Kenya is that the Gengetone genre, which draws sonic influences from dancehall, reggaeton and Genge, is gaining popularity. This youth-driven sound of Kenya’s streets is growing and our flagship Gengetone Fire playlist shows up in the top 10 most streamed playlists on Spotify.”  says Phiona Okumu, Head of Music, Sub-Saharan Africa.

Earlier this month, Gengetone artist Sylvia Saru, popularly known as Ssaru, was introduced as the latest artist to join its EQUAL Music Program. EQUAL is Spotify’s global initiative to cultivate gender equality in music and support female artists and podcast creators both locally and internationally.

The app has also adjusted its premium rates to include weekly subscriptions and has a free resource for artists too.

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