Made In Africa Online Market Now In Kenya

Traders of Africa (TOFA), an online market for goods originating from Africa officially launched in Kenya start of this month. The platform which so far has engaged over 8,000 merchants from Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, and now Kenyan, aims at promoting inter-African trade.

TOFA seeks to bring on board all the 54 African countries with the objective of boosting trade and commerce within the continent. Seeing that majority Africans prefer importing from the West, the platform provides a great way of connecting African people and getting them to appreciate “Made in African”.

According to the African Economic Outlook 2017, a flagship report of the African Development Bank released in Ahmedabad, India, shows that trade between African countries has the greatest potential for building sustainable economic development and integration. The report also indicated that trade among African countries expanded from 10% in 2000 to about 16% in 2014, reflecting the continent’s recent economic upturns.

TOFA is indeed headed in the right direction in promoting inter-African e-commerce. Having established itself in four other countries, the success rate is high.

Visit their website to be part of the great change happening in Africa and help boost the African market value.