Maad Jikoni Cooking Up a Storm with Maad Orchestra

Maad Orchestra is difficult to describe in a nutshell.  Firstly, there will be a full orchestra led by conductor Levi Wataka. Secondly, a Jazz band, the Eddie Grey ensemble, featuring Sedar Malika and Gervais Katimba. Also,  LED dancers led by Mwanase and the amazing visuals of Basil Ngode. Finally, surprise hip hop artists and some of Kenya’s most celebrated vocalists like Victor Muli, Pete Odera and Atemi promise to make an appearance. No doubt we should expect a sensory experience like no other.

Behind Maad Orchestra is the Maad scientist, Maad Jikoni. Jikoni is  jazz musician Eddie Grey’s alter ego. Maad Jikoni is exploring electronica, classical, trap, EDM and hip-hop. “Since the invention of instruments, human beings have been searching for ways to communicate, transform and improve the sound of music. All their imagination has led us to this point where computers are aiding in this communication. In my opinion, electronic music is a 22nd century manifestation of traditional, classical, jazz and other genres mixed into one. Not to be shunned but embraced because it’s the sound of the future.” says Maad Jikoni.

Have a listen to ‘Kilifornia’ a Maad Jikoni production. It has an upbeat Jazzy Afro beat, with Swahili hip-hop vocals, fused with House and Electronica grooves.

‘We, as the organizers and minds behind the event, like the idea of putting on a real, all-encompassing aural and visual show, well curated to the last detail.’ says Megan, one of the minds behind the show.

We can’t wait to see how this fresh and unique show comes together at the Braeburn theatre on Friday, March 3rd at 8 p.m.
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