M-Net Looking For Proposals For High-end Drama In Kenya

29 May of 2019 by

DStv is looking for TV shows for M-Net. On their official website, M-Net has requested filmmakers to submit proposals for high-end dramas for its Maisha Magic East channel in Kenya and Africa Magic channels in Nigeria, as well as Showmax platform.

Film makes should submit their proposals through Email before Monday, 29th July 2019.

Using its websites, the dominant direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice beckoned for the proposals.

“Do you have all it takes to take Maisha Magic East and Africa Magic audiences on a rollercoaster ride? Do you have a rich understanding of the genre, adhering to the required pace and structure of storytelling? Are you willing to collaborate with an appointed foreign/local script doctor/producer of the Broadcaster’s choice to develop and produce the series?  If this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, then you have until Monday, 29th July 2019 to submit your proposal to M-Net.” said M-Net on their Website.

Just to be clear on what “High End Drama” is and what exactly they’ll be looking for, M-Net also posted a guideline on some of the things filmmakers need to note before applying.

“High End Drama’ means to the Maisha Magic East audience is a sensory experience evoking a range of emotional responses from laughter and sadness to anger, empathy and curiosity,” said M-Net.

“It is of exceptional production quality and pushes the boundaries of visual and visceral story-telling.”

You can read the rules and submit your proposal here: HIGH END SERIES

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