Lupita Nyongo: Fame Denied Me the Opportunity to Lead a Normal Life

Award-winning actress Lupita Nyongo has opened up on how fame affected her life and how she has managed to adapt to this kind of lifestyle.

The talented actress was having a conversation with her cousin Kitt Nyang’aya Kiarie when she revealed the restrictions that came along with being famous.

According to her, she has not been able to live a normal life since she earned popularity, and things that once seemed simple and easy to do; like going to the supermarket now have to be what counts as calculated moves.

“With all the attention on you, you feel restricted and self-conscious to do some things,” she stated.

Sharing her experience, Lupita mentioned that she has had several encounters with stalkers and paparazzi who are always on her case and this translates to limited privacy. These happenings are what pushed her to live a secluded life.

The actress had previously admitted how she would silently come home without having to announce to avoid drawing much attention.

A week ago, she shared photos of her in Lamu and later in a tea plantation in Kenya confirming her presence in the country.

Like Lupita, several other celebrities have been forced to adjust their way of living as a result of the overwhelming attention and expectations they get online.

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