Lupita Nyong’o Among the New Voices In Netflix’s ‘Human Resources’

Hollywood Star Lupita Nyong’o is set to star in a new animated series, ‘Human Resources’.

Announcing on social media, the acclaimed actor wrote;

“I got to be a hormone monster!

Find out which one when Human Resources premiers in two weeks on Netflix.”

Human Resources

Premiering on Friday, March 18th 2022, the animated is a spin-off of a Netflix Sitcom Big mouth.

The show is about a team of creatures who make humans … human’.

Breaking down the comedy series, the show’s official page wrote;

“What does it mean to be human?

The answer may surprise you.

Understanding the human experience is an opportunity to discover new and innovative ways to make people more … Loving, logical, horny, humiliated and beyond. Let’s discover together.

We are what makes a person, human. We are Human Resources.”

The page gave more perspective on the show writing; “Giving new meaning to ‘getting in touch with your feelings.”

The Narrating Cast

The series is voiced by; Keke Palmer, Ali Wong, Hugh Jackman, Janelle Monae, Henry Winkler, Hellen Mirren, Maya Rudolph, Nick Kroll, Aidy Bryant, Brandon Kyle Goodman, David Thewlis, Randal Park, Rosie Perez and Lupita Nyong’o.

Lupita who is an outstanding narrator primetime Emmy award nominee has also voiced docu-series Serengeti, as well as Maz Katana on Star Wars and on Super Sema.