Lupita Adorns Her Second Vogue Magazine Cover

Lupita is on the cover again.

The stunning 32-year-old Star Wars actress is literally glowing on the cover to Vogue Magazine’s recently released October issue.

The lengthy cover article looks back at Lupita’s Paris visit in July, during which she attended her first ever Paris Couture Week. With irresistible charm, Lupita speaks warmly of growing up in Nairobi throughout the article, reminiscing about her mother introducing her to the world of fashion.


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“Presentation is extremely important in Kenya,” she says. “You dress formally. You can’t just wear flip-flops. My mother always had her own style…Her nails were always perfectly done.”

“Salons were a big feature in my life,” she continues. “We would go every two weeks to get our hair braided, washed, or treated. That’s where I read American, British and a few African magazines.”

Lupita also recalled practicing and learning about design and couture from an early age.

“I would design my own clothes. In Kenya it’s much cheaper to get clothes made than to buy them,” she says. “We would have everything run up by a tailor, or my aunt Kitty, who is very creative, would sew things for me.”

Vogue also got a chance to ask Lupita 73 questions about anything from Star Wars to hula hooping. Check it out:

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