This Is How Lupita Achieved Her ‘Elle’ Cover Look

She continues to slay – and is having a ball doing it. Ever since Lupita burst onto the Hollywood scene a couple of years ago, she has turned into the ultimate success story: choosing projects wisely and steadily maintaining her visibility following an astounding run of success in the wake of the monster 12 Years A Slave.

Scoring major covers is now just a thing she does in her spare time, it seems – but we love this one:

Elle Magazine.

The Women in Hollywood issue.

And I doubt that Ive seen her look as fierce and in her element as she does on this one.

She features alongside a number of other women who are absolutely doing the most in Hollywood, including: Amy Adams, Kathy Bates, Felicity Jones, Anna Kendrick, Aja Naomi King, Helen Mirren and Kristen Stewart. Some are seasoned figures in entertainment and others are newer faces. But Lupita fits right in.

The shoot itself, according to Elle was supposed to “invigorate, reshape and reimagine what women look like both on and off the screen”.

If you hover a iphone over the cover, the star comes to life with an interview (video). Yes. Tech really has come a long way.

Lupita is as usual, honest and thought provoking in her interview.

We are also loving the way she really has put natural hair and styling out there – this cover features her in braids – not a usual styling option for A Listers but she, as usual, wears them pretty darn well.

Her stylist Vernon Francois spoke about the look:

“Lupita is very creative and we always work together, planning and styling her hair. We were inspired by the concept of striking a balance between modern style and classic elegance. Our goals were to keep the integrity of the braids’ texture and to play with the framing around her face.

The challenge with styling braids can be in creating something fresh and new, that’s not being shown elsewhere. I used the scalp nourishment braids and locs spray from my collection, to achieve this look.”

Have you ever heard the braids we rock on the daily, described so eloquently? Nope – neither have I. Wonder what she’s going to be rocking next…

As usual, go Lupita!

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