Lovy Longomba: I Produced Songs For Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo,Chris Brown

Former secular musician Lovy Longomba has made his fans proud after he shared about his journey and achievements since he relocated to the US.

Lovy, who recently traveled to Kenya after 16 years of being abroad to honor his late brother Christian Longomba during an interview spoke of his music career, his ministry, and other businesses he is involved in.

According to Lovy, he shifted his focus from being a musician to a producer and this saw him work alongside top American artists.

In a rather impressive revelation, the Vuta Pumz hitmaker stated that he produced music for Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, and Chris Brown.

Other achievements he has had in the music scene is having bagged 3 nominations for Grammy Awards.

On whether he will make a comeback as a solo artist, Lovy mentioned that even though he sees no possibility of it happening he is open to see how that path unfolds.

According to him, the fact that he always did music alongside his brother is what makes him hesitant to consider being a solo artist.

He however revealed that there are several songs that he recorded with his brother before his demise and might release them in the future.

Currently, Lovy is a prophet and owns a church property in the US. Besides being in the ministry works, he also has charity programs and has made investments in the real estate business as well as the education sector.


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