Look Chic While Working From Home With These 4 Kenyan Fashion Brands

Working from home requires an intense level of discipline. In order to get more done, you would need to stick to a routine just like you would if you were to go to the office. And the same way you would wake up and ditch your pajamas to dress up for work, the same is required when working from home – hope out of those pajamas!

Dressing up slightly smarter while working-from-home sets you in the right mental state for productivity. It keeps you from lounging and lazing around the house and signals the brain for some seriousness.

These 4 Kenyan brands have chic, comfortable, and cozy pieces that you can include in your work-from-home wardrobe.

Itikadi x Joy Kendi

The line centers on fashionable loungewear looks that are versatile enough to be worn indoor and outdoor. The inspiration behind it was comfort and quality. You will definitely feel more put together while working-from-home adorning their pieces. They have super chic palazzos and kimonos, which can be styled in multiple ways. If your style is more dramatic, elegant, then you’ll appreciate them more.

Vivo Woman

Modern, fashion-forward lady appreciates what this brand has to offer. They have multiples styles ranging from dresses to skirts, pants, outerwear, and so on. That said, the majority of their pieces may not be the most ideal work-from-home outfits, you might end up looking too dressed up, but hey, feel free to do you. However, their super comfy and elegant maxi dress, in a neutral color palette is preferable if you want a more polished look should you have a zoom meeting.  Their outerwear collection is also perfect for layering different pieces.

Endo Squared

This Kenyan apparel and accessories brand is run by sisters Yvonne and Patti Endo. If you are a minimalist you might want to check them out. Their tees can be a great addition to your work-from-home wardrobe and can be paired with almost anything, it all depends on how you bring it to life.

Kipato Unbranded

A simple piece of jewelry can instantly elevate and change the way you feel in an outfit. Kipato unbranded is price friendly Kenyan jewelry line that offers chic, quality artisan-made pieces.  You might want to grab a few pieces that you find functional for your work-from-home look.