Lon Jon Breaks Silence With New Hit

One name that rings excellence in the new age 254 Hip Hop stratosphere is Lon Jon aka The Captain. An Immensely talented cat, Lon Jon’s short stay in the game has been accentuated by his handy work, bars galore and well picked plus timely collaborations with the likes of Abbas, HHP, and Tumi among much more.

In 2017, Jon has been keeping it on the low hence I reached out to him to find out if a project was cooking or what was the deal. He just released a new single, ‘I Want Her’ a different approach from his usual Trap style and its banging. The Tropical/Afro-infused hit features Attitude Kenyan rapper from back in the day who since relocated to the USA but is back and ready to make hits.

Speaking about the record, Lon Jon said, I Want Her is something different from what my audience is used to. I have been away for a minute, so my return to Kenya I decided to switch up for a second. I teamed up with Attitude at Ihaji’s studio. The producer challenged us to go off the cuff, he created the beat from scratch, as he was finishing up, we were busy writing and the end product was amazing sound”.

The Jam highlights the fun life in Kenya, guys having a good time. The storied tale on the verses is incredible in painting a picture of a perfect night out. The two rappers come correct with their fire lyricism, maintaining the hip-hop aspect yet stretching with the Afrobeat.

Lon Jon has been away in South Africa for the better part of the year working on music but most importantly studying the business aspect of the music industry. “In SA, I had the opportunity to go on tour with HHP and learnt so much on how to consolidate fanbase on live shows, learnt what it takes to get copyright and publishing your art and most important I was doing it real time with the South African Legends”, Lon Jon Says.

Expect an EP to drop soon by Lon Jon and Attitude which he claims will be unsettling and mind-blowing at the same time.


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