Local athletics apparel firm, Kourage Athletics gears up for re-launch

Germans are known for their automotive genius, the French for their cheese and wine, the Greeks for inventing modern western civilization as we know it and Kenyans? We dominate marathons.

Anyway enough gloating!

So it only makes sense that someone came up with an athletic apparel line that represented the athletic culture that we have so proudly upheld for so long. Enter Kourage Athletics, a local athletic apparel company that was founded four years ago with a social mission to improve lives in Africa by creating apparel that is authentically Africa, selling this apparel globally,and injecting revenue generated into the African economy.

Famous for their ‘Run Kenya‘ tank tops that have been worn by several famous Kenyan runners, their products are 100% African from design to distribution and they just launched a started a Kickstarter campaign to re-launch their  brand and enable them to sponsor runners, build new athletic prototypes for testing in Kenya and open an office in Nairobi.

To support follow Kourage check out their Kickstarter campaing and if you like what you see, tell a friend or two.


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