Little Known Facts About Tanasha Donna Oketch

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Little was known about Tanasha Donna until she decided to date Bongo Musician Diamond Platnumz. The video vixen and radio presenter has managed to earn herself a huge following in the past few months – a thing she has used to her advantage.

Check out a few known facts about her;

She is 24, half Kenyan and half Italian

She revealed that she’s Kenyan of Luo descent and one of her parents hails from Italy. Her Luo name is Oketch. The radio presenter had to upload her birth certificate on social media to prove that she is indeed Kenyan and that Tanasha Donna Oketch are her real names.

She dated other celebrities before settling for Diamond

Tanasha dated actor Nick Mutuma briefly after he separated from his baby mama Bridget Shighadi, their relationship however did not last long. She was also rumoured to be dating Tanzanian star Ali Kiba though none of them came out to confirm nor dispute the rumours.

She once represented Kenya in a beauty pageant

Miss Oketch was once a participant in Miss Africa Belgium, she claims that modelling is one of the things she loves apart from singing.

She grew up in Kenya before relocating to the UK

She grew up in Kenya until around the age of 11 where she left for Belgium where her mother still resides. She later came back to Kenya to pursue different dreams.

She shares a birthday with her Mother in-law Sandrah AKA Mama Dangote

Fans got to recently find out that she was born on the 7th of July, same date as Diamond Platnumz mother. The two threw a huge party in Tanzania over the weekend that was attended by big shots including comedian Eric Omondi and singer Bahati.

She is Diamonds third baby Momma and expecting his fourth baby

Despite Diamond being known for loving women a bit too much and already having two baby mamas nothing stopped her from conceiving with the musician barely a year into their relationship. Fans are waiting to see whether this will make Diamond finally settle down with her.


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