#RIP: 5 Facts You Might Have Not Known About Bob Collymore

The country woke up to the sad news of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore who was diagnosed with Cancer (Acute Myeloid Leukaemia- AML) two years ago. Many only knew him a the CEO of Kenya’s largest network operator but there’s more to his name that he kept private.

Here are a few facts about the late Bob that few knew.

He was born in Guyana located in the northern part of South America.
He lived there with his grandmother before joining his mother in the UK where he landed his first job in a departmental store as a sweeper.

He was married twice before he met his wife Wambui.
Before he met his Kenyan wife Wambui Bob was married to two different women, first time in his 20s and later one to a British woman.

He earned 10 Million a month as CEO
Sometime back Collymore revealed that he earned 10 Million Kenyan Shillings as Safaricom CEO when he declared his wealth.

His favourite Kenyan artist was Juliani
Bob loved socializing and music, in an interview he mentioned that his favourite Kenyan artist was Juliani, a gospel musician. He loved music so much that he would attend numerous music concerts and would be seen socializing freely with those around him.

He knew his time had come
According to his good friend Jeff Koinange, Bob knew his time was almost over 2 days to his death when he hosted the journalist and a few other friends at his home. Talking on TV, Jeff revealed that Bob was in high spirits even though he was still struggling in pain. The former CEO chatted happily as he disclosed that he knew he wouldn’t last too long.

He leaves behind four children.