Listen to Rapper Nene K’s New Track “Some Daze Pt 1”

03 January of 2019 by

The single talks about life, mental clarity and chasing your dreams. The 21-year-old born and raised in Ngummo estate in Nairobi, Kenya started recording last year.

Nene K, an upcoming rapper we just came across has a soothing style with conscious lyrics and message to match. “My style borders on a conscious, awaken the masses, chilled and introspective type of rap.” says Nene. Locally he is inspired by the late Jason Kalinga (Some Daze is a tribute to him), CityBoy, YB Rize, Maeve Sherryl and a number of other artistes.

Some Daze, released on 31st of December 2018 is his latest track – and the official audio is available on YouTube.

Have a listen below:

A comment by a fan, Rach Mungai on YouTube sums it up: “This song has such a dope vibe.” And we agree!

The rapper worked with producer Buddha and Santuri who mastered the song – so much budding talent in Kenya.

Nene uses social media as the main platform to share his music and appreciates that this allows him to engage in conversations in relation to his music and art direction.

Follow Nene K on Twitter and Instagram to see more of his past and future projects. You can also check out his videos on YouTube and be on the lookout for Some Daze Part 2. 


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