Linda Nyagweso Opens Up On Being Body-Shamed During Beach Vacation

Kiss 100 FM presenter Linda Nyangweso was bullied online by her followers during her recent beach vacation with family.

Nyangweso shared that fans body shammed her after sharing a photo with her family, calling her a whale because of her plump body. She was wearing a swimming costume in the photo.

“I posted the picture because we were happy and we were having fun. We were on vacation like any other regular family on vacation,” said the presenter on Instagram TV while explaining her struggles with weight and bullies.

“Someone called me a whale. I think that is the most creative one. I appreciated it. At least you did your research because he specifically called me a beluga whale.”

Though she chose to walk away rather than fire back, the mother of one said she was hurt most by those claiming she was not worthy of having a child because of her appearance.

“Honestly, the best thing I did was post and went on with my vacation. It is only afterward I saw people expected me to wear, I don’t know, garbage bags,” she said.

“When I was young I always struggled with my weight. I remember I would never eat in public. It became so apparent people would stare at me that I started eating in the toilet.”

Luckily, she has her husband. According to Nyangweso, he has been her pillar and makes her forget the shaming by reminding her how she’s beautiful.

“Ooh my God my husband is the most amazing person because he is the blindest to such things so I thank him for that but I will say this time what got to me was that people DMing him and telling him really mean things,” she said.

Watch her speak in the video below:

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