Lillian Ng’ang’a, Femi One Among Celebrities Who Had Something To Say About Diana Marua’s Debuted Music Career

Controversial influencer who also doubles as Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua, recently launched her music career in a splashy event.

The surprise move that went down at Trademark Hotel saw Diana rebrand herself to Diana B which is her new stage name, and drop her first music video dubbed ‘Hatutaachana’.

Her move has attracted a lot of mixed reactions from the entertainment industry and key industry players.

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One of the people who had something to say about the matter is veteran rapper Femi One who cheered Diana on.

“I mean it is showbiz and it is entertainment… she entertained me. So she is just okay. She is fine. Really… she is just okay. I am not a gatekeeper, so whoever feels they want to rap should throw themselves in the rap field with us and work hard,” she said.

Femi also warned Kenyans at large against comparing her long rap career with Diana’s that literally just began.

“Do not disrespect me like that… I am Femi One. I have experience. I have rapped for so many years. I only compete with the likes of Nyashinski. Those others have a really long way to go before they get to where I am. But with rap, I feel like the more you do it, if you are rapping every day, each and every hour you will be a pro,” said Femi One.

Lillian Ng’ang’a was also among the celebrities who have since cheered Diana on for her brave move.

“Each of us can be ANYTHING we want to be. Diana Marua, Be all you can be! All of it,” she said.

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Willy Paul, during an interview with local bloggers also gave Diana a piece of advice that has kept him going throughout his career.

“I can only tell her this journey is not easy, she can ask Bahati. But if she prays, and works hard God will listen to her,” he said.

Entrepreneur and musician Akothee was also among the biggest cheerleaders for Diana and encouraged her dive into the music industry, a move Akothee can definitely relate to.

“Mimi iko full support ya Diana B on her first Singol . Shoot your short ,the attire she wore is the best I would rock it too ,mine would be a bit shorter with half of my breast out ,music is for the eyes and ears , people see and listen to music. Auntie madoo. @diana_marua cheza Kaa wewe uwanja mkubwa. I was only taught to clap at others when they are winning,” she wrote.

Diana has received a lot of negative reactions from the move as well but she is determined to prove naysayers wrong. She revealed that she has already recorded four other songs yet to be released.

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