Lifestyle Vlogger Grace Ndiege Gives Tips On Decorating New Place On A Budget

07 March of 2019 by

Grace Ndiege is a 27-year-old vlogger who sometimes shares her raw and refined experiences of being a 20-something-year old woman living in Kenya. Grace studied law and is now a content creator and digital strategist at a leading PR firm. She is one of the emerging Kenyan fashion and lifestyle vloggers.

Her house hunting and decorating escapades are educative and will you give you clues on how to achieve Pinteresty vibes in your living space, including the best places to shop.

When you love how things look, your clothes, your image, your work, it just naturally spreads to your home. I kinda fell into this by mistake. I’m such an aesthetics hoe (sic), I’ve always been attracted to beautiful spaces but never had more than a room to decorate. When I moved out to my first apartment it was rushed I was not ready but I had to roll with the punches.”

The first issue I faced was finding a reasonably priced house that met my aesthetic needs, well lit, good finishes and with the right amenities. The second was furnishing at the right price. I don’t like debt, and I don’t believe anyone should get into debt for something like home decor. So I set out to find something that works for me, it became apparent that there are many people who are just like me with limited budget but they like nice things.

We recommend that you check out all her videos but if you just want quick tips, here she talks about second hand furnitureshopping , her latest post is a collective decor shopping haul.

Grace will put you on to Instagram shops such as SmartLadyHome and ShopMalista. Other physical stores the Vlogger swears by include Tile and Carpet, House of Leather, Tuskys and Mr Price Home. She also has some DIY projects to inspire you to make your own pieces here and there.

Do you have any house hunting experiences? We’d love to hear them!


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