Life After BBC: Ciku Muriuki Returns To Influencing After Leaving Media House

Following a rather unexpected turn of events that saw her laid off by BBC in June, multimedia journalist Ciku Muriuki is back to being an influencer.

In a series of Instagram stories, shared insights into her challenging journey of navigating the industry once again. She revealed that she had to pause her influencer side hustle because her contract barred her.

Responding to a fan’s inquiry about her experience since leaving traditional employment, Ciru Muriuki acknowledged the difficulties she has encountered.

She emphasized the importance of financial discipline when transitioning from regular employment to a less predictable income.

“How has it been since you left employment? Any advice for someone who is taking that path?” a fan asked to which Ciru Muriuki responded.

“It has been challenging. One of the things to learn once you leave regular employment is to be disciplined with your money since it’s no longer regular. Re-entering the influencer space – because my previous employer(BBC) did not allow us to do influencer work- has been hard,”

Muriuki candidly addressed one of the significant obstacles she has faced—gatekeeping. She described the challenges of overcoming barriers set by individuals who seemingly hinder progress without apparent reason.

“One of the biggest hurdles I have faced is gatekeepers. Someone just doesn’t want you to prosper for no reason. The gatekeeping is wild but so far so good,” she said.

At BBC, Ms Muriuki was a broadcast journalist who hosted an interactive news show.

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