Lewis Hamilton Promises To Return After Week-long Vacation in Mara

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton was in Kenya for a week-long holiday that took him to various places in the region.

The top driver started his week-long African tour in Nambia in an effort to trace his African roots before jetting to Maasai Mara. He then made a short visit to Rwanda on Thursday and returned to Nairobi on Saturday before flying back home on the same day.

Officials at JKIA, where he spent several minutes chatting, said he told them he enjoyed his time at the Mara and promised to come back. He was among the hundreds who witnessed the ongoing Great Migration.

While at the Mara, he took a photo carrying a goat. While in Rwanda he tweeted saying he can’t wait to be back there.

“Rwanda is truly so beautiful. Thank you for having us. I can’t wait to come back,” he tweeted.

Hamilton said that the African tour was something he always wanted to do and in an effort of tracing his roots.

“I am finally tracing my roots through Africa and guys, to say this journey has been a grounding experience is an understatement. This has been a life-changing reset,” he wrote in a social media post.

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