Let’s go Retro! High-Waist Pants are Back!

The pants which shorten the torso and amplify the bottom, are back! Well, they have been back for a while now, but I feel like most of us are obsessed with them – I know I am. A paradigmatic shift in denim fashion is upon us people! After years of low-cut skinny-jeans dominance, a new era of high-waist jeans/pants is trending in Kenya and your only move should be how to cope with it.

It’s not surprising, really. Fashion trends do seem to cycle every 20 years or so. They may be called by a different name, but the style is the same. A good example is the bell bottom jeans from the 1970’s, which returned in the ’90s as boot cut jeans. Mid-century pedal pushers were reincarnated as capris, which remain popular today.


I must say I am a die-hard fan of high-waist pants. When worn properly, high-rise pants can be very flattering, and it would admittedly be fantastic to pull on a pair of pants that do not stall out somewhere in the middle of my bottom!

For some of us who lived through the high-waisted pants trend in the 90s, the return of this style may be a welcome change from the hip-hugging, muffin-top forming jeans that have been popular in the past decade. Anyone can wear high-waist trousers; just pay attention to your leg shape and the fabric of the pants in question. If nothing else, high waisted pants give us a rear silhouette unlike any other type of jeans. They are more forgiving of curvy figures as well, which is always welcome in fashion 😉

What do you think? Would you wear high waist pants? I think that they have a definite advantage in that they create such a great, curvy silhouette and man do they elongate the legs when it comes to short people. They are definitely a favourite for those who love vintage and retro styles.