Let These Kenyan Content Creators Show You How To Dress For The Cold Weather

Do you ever miss the January sun? Me too just a little bit, all I’m saying we deserve a bit of balance, but we move. The Kenyan Winter has overstayed, which means the layering continues. The Winter normally lasts two months June and July. Unfortunately for us, it’s reached September, who knows when the tyranny will end.. Citizen Journalist Yvonne Okwara on her series called The Explainer gave us the low down on what has been going on. Check it out here. But fear not, these fashionistas show us that dressing for the cold does not have to be boring. We should be in safe hands they have majored in the art of style.

Wanjiru Njiru

Wanjiru Njiru shows us how to layer sweaters an essential that we all have in our wardrobe especially with this type of weather. She incorporates the wardrobe basics with essentials such as jeans, dress and jewelry. She does it so effortlessly in this one-minute video.


Yasmin AF

Content Curator Yasmin or known as Yas7ka on her YouTube channel demonstrates her take on the nude trend taking the fashion industry by storm. I smell nostalgia in the air, do you remember the color wheel? Well, you can incorporate color blocking and bring your own sunshine.


Luca Kenya

Stylist and entrepreneur, Luca Kenya’s take on street style is fun, eclectic  and experimental. She has dressed some of your fave creatives. She is the brains behind the styling popular Mastingo video that has over a million views on YouTube.

Her portfolio speaks for itself just check out her socials and the best part you can get similar looks on her business page she is the plug of plugs.

Wendo Midaye

Definitely a YouTuber you should subscribe to, Wendo or known as withwendo is a style enthusiast as well as a hairstylist currently based in Kisumu. In this video, she shows us how to style a slip dress that you would think is typically for wearing in warmer weather. With just a little layering she shows you how to elevate this simple piece of clothing.

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