Legends Kalamashaka To Lead Music Mentorship Program

Nairobi Governor Sakaja Johnson had an inspiring encounter on Monday as he met with the iconic hip hop music group, Kalamashaka, to delve into mentorship within the music industry and strategies for rehabilitating youth battling substance abuse.

The meeting was prompted by the county government’s concern over the escalating issue of substance abuse among the youth, particularly in areas like Dandora, which is the original stomping ground of the group.

“Music wields immense influence in our society, often shaping attitudes and behaviors. However, it’s not always positive. With your wealth of experience, we aim to guide and mentor young artists to produce content that inspires and uplifts,” remarked Governor Sakaja during the meeting.

The Governor pledged collaboration with Kalamashaka to develop partnerships aimed at raising awareness about drug abuse among youth and implementing mentorship programs to nurture emerging talent in the music industry.

Among those present at the meeting were Kama (Kamau Ngigi), Roba, the Oteraw (Robert Matumbai), and Johny Vigeti, accompanied by their manager, Joseck Asikoye.

Following the discussion, the musical ensemble posed for photographs with the county leader, showcasing various iconic poses, including the renowned ‘Ngumi Mbwegze.’

This engagement comes on the heels of the group’s participation in the grand opening of the Dandora Stadium on Friday, March 8th, 2024. At the event, they expressed their deep connection to the stadium, emphasizing its potential as a positive outlet for youth previously engaged in criminal activities.

“Our journey began here. This stadium serves as a beacon of hope for youth involved in crime. It offers them an opportunity to earn a livelihood and transform their lives. We commend the governor for this initiative,” remarked Kalamashaka during the stadium opening.

Formed in the mid-1990s, the Dandora-based music collective has left an indelible mark on Kenya’s hip hop scene. Their contributions were recognized in 2023 when they received a Lifetime Achievement Award during the 50th Hip Hop Anniversary celebration for their pioneering role in the regional hip hop movement.

Renowned for their hard-hitting hip hop sound, Kalamashaka’s iconic tracks like ‘Tafsiri Hii’ and ‘Dandora L.O.V.E’ have solidified their status as cultural icons and timeless classics within the hip hop genre.

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