Learning A Foreign Language? 5 TV Shows To Help Step Up Your Game

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Kenyans are known to have a good command of English however many are also scaling foreign language heights. There are easy ways to grasp ‘bonjour’, guten nat, ‘chel fior‘ and whatever neat lingua the foreign language world has to offer. What better way to perfect the language if not from the comfort of your home simply by switching to the right shows.

Here are 5 TV shows to keep your foreign language on point:

Train to Busan
Whether you are a lover of K-Pop or a Kenyan who is looking to travel to or go study in South Korea, then the train to Busan is one for your Korean language guide. The Korean produced drama/disaster movie has a rich horror but interesting feel to it. The movie that is only one hour and fifty-eight minutes long brings to life a thriller where people are traveling in a train to Busan (A city in South Korea and as they are about to leave something queer happens). The characters speak in Korean but the show comes with English subtitles and the Korean titles that can help you not only get few words for your next travel but enable your pronunciation ability.

La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)
Kenyans might have not been staunch lovers of Soap operas and Telenovelas but we do love a good travel to either Spain, Portugal or Brazil. Lacasa de papel is one among the best Netflix foreign produced series that brings out a legendary plan to rob the Royal Mint in Spain.The Spanish spoken by the characters will leave you wanting to learn the language in full detail. The series has a remarkable direct English translate and I guarantee a love for the characters including ‘our very own ‘ Nairobi.

Les Miserables 1982
To be so in detail you require a deep rooted classic.Les Miserable is quite a disheartening movie that dates back in time of slavery. The movie that has seen other production cutting through it and the recent one being 2012 is one for the books.It could send you to tears but will leave you knowing the right french words to use for all your emotional experiences. However on your french movies list you could add Blue is the warmest color ( A lovely romantic queer tale) and Girlhood (for the ladies, its a tale to keep watch on) make sure to accompany a notebook.

IP man
It is pretty much a small town or a ‘hood’ when media is involved. Chinese is not exactly the easiest language to learn however its a place many Kenyans frequent. Ip man a martial art movie initially released in December 2008 is a thrilling show that not only has English subtitles to keep you hooked but a rich storyline to keep you wanting to learn Karate. It’s not only enriched with Chinese but Japanese lingua and Cantonese , highly recommended.

Johnny English (Strikes Again)
All generations have probably grown watching Mr.Bean but the tales of Mr.Atkinson Rowan being in a serious set up has more to offer in learning the queen’s English accent. The recent Johnny English movie (Johnny English strikes again) is not only humorous but is highly entailed with languages such as Russian, it could be hard to manufacture a Russian word immediately but consistency has a way with paying off. One for the must watch list for both a good laugh and a polished English accent.

Feel free to tell us what language you would love to learn and what movie inspires you best.


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